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Attorney FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions about working with the general practice attorneys of Folks & DeVenny.

Our answers to these questions should not be taken, in any form, as legal advice. Please refer to our disclaimer on this website. 

I think I know which attorney can help me. How can I reach them to tell them my situation?

Refer to the website’s contact page which contains the firm’s full contact information. When you telephone the firm or stop by, be prepared for a few brief questions on your situation with a Folks & DeVenny staff member. The staff member can then refer you directly to the appropriate attorney or set up an appointment for you to visit that attorney in person at a convenient time.

It’s an emergency. How can I reach my attorney?

In some cases, clients need immediate legal assistance. When appropriate, our attorneys can provide you with additional contact information so that you can reach them when needed.

How does your firm charge?

The charge a client pays depends on his or her case. For example, personal injury cases are customarily billed on a contingency basis — our attorneys only receive money if you do. A real estate closing is typically billed on a fee basis while domestic/divorce cases are billed on a fee or hourly basis with a retainer required in advance. Payments by credit cards or debit cards are also accepted.

I am physically handicapped or a member of my party is physically handicapped. Can your office accommodate us?

Yes. The firm is equipped with meeting space to accommodate handicapped individuals. There are no steps to get in to the ground floor of the office, and our conference room is wheelchair accessible.

Do all meetings between clients and attorneys take place within the firm’s office building?

No. The office building is the preferred place for our attorneys to meet with their clients. However, they are able to meet with clients outside the office at any appropriate locations — other law firms, courthouses, homes, etc. If your case requires that an attorney meet with you outside of the firm office, a staff member will be able to make those arrangements for you and your attorney.

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