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Areas of Practice

Our general practice attorneys cover a wide variety of areas. The following sections will help you determine which practice area your need falls under and which attorney can help you.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law relates to property, land and buildings, trees and crops, and other resources within a parcel of land or attached to land. Any improvements or fixtures permanently attached to land or a structure on land can also be considered property.

People need a real estate attorney when faced with one or more needs relating to deeds, mortgages, loans, refinancing, purchase closings, loan closings, surveys, commercial transactions, leases, contracts, owner financing, sale of property, buying and or selling a home, or commercial real estate.

Buying or selling a house, land, or commercial property? We can help you.

Family Law

Family law addresses the legal needs of families. Typical family law cases pertain to divorce, adoption, paternity, custody, and child support.

People need a family law attorney when dealing with one or more of the following issues related to his or her family: divorce, adoption, child custody, spousal separation, visitation, custody, alimony, property settlement, domestic violence or physical cruelty, adultery, or name changes.

Business Law

A business is an entity — a company, partnership, corporation, or other type of formal organization — that exists to make a profit. Business law is the area of law that deals with the legal needs of those entities.

People need a business lawyer when forming one or more of the following business entities: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or non-profit. Business law attorneys help clients by creating or reviewing business contracts or agreements, and in the buying and selling of businesses and property associated with them.

Probate Law

Probate law is the area of law dealing with writing wills, the administration of estates, and the monitoring of affairs for minors or incapacitated persons. Probate matters are those which pertain to wills, powers of attorney, estates, trusts, deeds of distribution, guardianships, conservatorships, living wills, estate planning, healthcare powers of attorney, estate sales, or partitions of property upon death.

Often practice in this area generates issues across a wider range of practice areas.

Personal Injury

A personal injury case is a civil law case where an attorney attempts to gain compensation for a client for injury to his or her person. An injured person can use an attorney to negotiate with opposite parties or insurance companies in order to gain appropriate compensation. In cases where agreement on compensation for an injury cannot be achieved through negotiation, it may be necessary for the injured person to take the opposing party to trial.

People may need a personal injury lawyer in the following situations: automobile or motorcycle accidents; accidents on the job (workers compensation); wrongful or accidental death; dog bites and other animal attacks; slips and falls; or injury from hazardous materials and products.

Criminal/Traffic Law

Criminal law is the area of law that deals with crime and the defense and prosecution of crime. Traffic law involves the violation of statutes and ordinances, set by states and cities, that pertain to the operation of motor vehicles.

People need a criminal and/or traffic law attorney if they have committed one or more of the following misdemeanors or felonies: traffic violations (speeding tickets, suspension of license), DUI, possession of an illegal substance, distribution of an illegal substance, assault and battery, criminal domestic violence, rape, armed robbery, or murder.

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